Mountain Biking in the Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country Bike Trail

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great mode of exercise.  There is no question about it – when your age is up there and you start feeling the strain of running in your knees, mountain biking comes to the rescue.

My other blog can give you more about bikes, trails, mountain biking experiences.

In this blog, of course, we are focused on photography.  Mountain biking gives you some interesting and rather effective ways to see a lot of the areas where you are biking.  Just look at the photographs in the gallery below and hopefully you will conclude for yourself that mountain biking is

  • Fun!
  • Good way to observe nature!
  • Easy way to see some great views

If you are unsure of what mountain bikes are, check the bike reviews here

So here are some what I think, interesting photos from the trails in the Hill Country around Austin, Texas…you see tons of flowers, daisy, etc…Enjoy!  I will post high resolution set of the images shortly in the SHOP section of this blog

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