Fengjing: Ancient Water Town Near Shanghai

China, Shanghai, Fengjing


Fengjing is one of the ancient water towns within a day trip from Shanghai.  It is easily reachable via metro and bus.  The town is located approximately 60 kilometers southwest from downtown Shanghai (e.g. Jing’An district).  While Qibao is much easier to access, Fengjing is significantly larger, and much less over-run by tourists.

Let’s put it this way – during our visit on October 6th, we saw only one obvious tourist in the area.  I am sure there were plenty of tourists overall, but all in all, it is one of the off the beaten track locations.

The history of the town is very long – per some of the local people, the town is about 1500 years old.  The streets in the old town criss cross old houses, restaurants and tea shops.  The local folks sell tons of food items – it appears frog legs are a major specialty here – we did not dare try, but tons of other folks did not hesitate as far as we can see…


Folks art is a big thing in the area.  I did not care too much for it – but if you like it, there is plenty of it.

You can find directions of how to get to to the town in my travel blog — the link is here.

Here is a photo gallery of what you will see if you decide to visit this place:


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